Oh What Fun! - Booklet for Learning Difficulties

Oh What Fun! - Booklet for Learning Difficulties

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Αλεξία Βόγδου




The principles of MSL approach aim to activate all learning modalities (kinesthetic, visual and auditory) which function therapeutically as concerns weak memory and oral and written input processing. By establishing the MSL instruction, teacher-learner interaction becomes the vehicle for meeting the LD student’s needs while the teacher’s multiple role, facilitator, prompter, instructor, motivator and feedback-providerguides the learning procedure so as the student can achieve the learning goals gradually. Moreover, metacognitive skills are practiced through the individualized teaching which focalizes on developing confidence and critical thinking (Nijakowska, 2016). Integrating spelling with authentic reading material, visual representation of the words and sound synthesizes a multidimensional framework in which phonological, orthographic, symbol-sound association as well as syllable instruction are effectively taught to the level of automaticity.

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